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Application Form

  • Please fill out the form below to apply to join the team for one of our pioneering expeditions. We welcome applications from people from all nationalities, walks of life and experience and pride ourselves on the variety of people we have in our teams. An application form does not commit you to the expedition, but is the first stage in the process to join the team! Find our full Terms and Conditions here.

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  • In signing the below: You agree to abide by our Terms and Conditions.

    You acknowledge that Secret Compass expeditions are physically demanding. Any past or present medical conditions that may affect your ability to complete the expedition must be declared as well as any current medications. Operating in remote locations can mean that a simply managed medical problem back at home can deteriorate with potentially much greater implications to your health. Likewise, dependance on critical medication is more relevant in an environment away from emergency resupply than it would be back at home. The health and safety of others can also be affected by these aforementioned factors. For these reasons we must have a full declaration.

    Please be assured that a ‘yes’ answer to any of the above does not automatically exclude you from participating. We reserve the right to ask for a doctor's certificate confirming your fitness to attend. Should anything change between now and departure you agree to inform Secret Compass.

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Once booked on an expedition, please be aware you’ll need to:

  • Abide by our Terms and Conditions which you agree to upon booking.
  • Organise all visas unless otherwise stated (more information will be provided upon booking).
  • Send or email Secret Compass a scan of the information/ photograph page of your passport.
  • Ensure you are fully vaccinated and carry evidence of vaccination (i.e. a Yellow Fever certificate( where relevant and organise Malaria prophylactics if necessary.
  • Ensure that your fitness levels match or exceed the basic levels stated in the expedition’s Joining Instructions (sent to you following a successful application).
  • Organise appropriate insurance and inform Secret Compass of the company used, policy number and emergency 24/7 contact number in advance of the expedition.
  • Organise international flights to and from the start and finish point and inform Secret Compass of those details in advance of the expedition.
  • Bring suitable personal kit and equipment – helpful details for this will be provided in the joining instructions.


Consumer aware

Your booking is insured by IPP Ltd and its Panel of Insurers. This insurance is only valid for passengers who book and pay directly with/to Secret Compass. For further information see