powder hunting in the Tien Shan

December - March
8 days
from £1340 pp

Can’t resist the call of the lines beyond the groomed slopes of resorts? This is an ski-adventure like no other in the heart of Kyrgyzstan’s Tien Shan mountains. Forget the lifts and relish in the freedom of access to a group snowcat – your lift to the top. All day long, you’ll seize fresh tracks of untouched powder, line-after-line, until the sun sinks below the horizon. This is an adventure you’ll struggle to remain modest about upon your return to the office.


Far from the lift queues and busy slopes of European winter resorts, lies a remote and far-reaching wilderness, where the winter months lay the foundations for a ski adventure like no other. For those seeking backcountry skiing without the restrictions of weather and safety concerns – Kyrgyzstan’s Suusamyr mountain range offers the perfect opportunity to hone your powder skiing technique. Rising up to 2200m, with surrounding peaks towering above 4500m, there’s a huge variety of terrain in the Suusamyr, promising ample lines for skiers and snowboarders looking for freedom to roam and the liberty of an empty mountain.

Based at a lively mountain lodge, you’ll start each day by grabbing breakfast around a large communal table before climbing into the snowcat with your group for the day. The mountain is your playground, the snowcat your lift to the top! The friendly local guides will use their knowledge and experience to assess conditions and take you to the peak of pristine white backcountry terrain, where you’ll make your descent, flying down a deserted slope, with enough endless powder to entertain the group day-in, day-out.

With options for ski-touring and more, you’ll return from adrenaline-fuelled lines and incredible views each day to the cosy and welcoming lodge (complete with sauna!) for some much need evening relaxation. Food is served in a family-style around a large table, where you can catch up with other lodgers about your day spent out in this great mountain wilderness.


  • Ski fresh powder all day long.
  • Experience backcountry skiing without boundaries.
  • Improve your powder skiing.
  • Enjoy the luxury of snowcat-supported skiing.
  • Join ski-tours up the mountain for a greater physical challenge.
  • Travel to a remote region of Kyrgyzstan, away from tourist trappings of ski resorts.
  • Meet other like-minded skiers and snowboarders.
  • Relax and unwind in the welcome warmth of the sauna.
  • Return to a cosy lodge each evening for communal meals and games.
  • Explore Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan.

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