an epic horseback adventure

June - September
17 days
Horse Riding
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With some three million animals kept by the country’s remaining pastoral nomads, in Mongolia, its native breed of horses outnumbers the human population. Jump in the saddle and explore Genghis Khan’s ancient empire on an epic horseback adventure through the national parks of the ‘land of the blue sky’.


A largely roadless place, Mongolia is as famed for its fearsome 13th century empire ruler as it is its nomadic culture. Arriving in Ulaanbaatar, you’ll spend the first two days recreating the Great Mongolian Roadtrip in a Russian 4WD vehicle – a relic from the Soviet days- to reach the wilds of the Mongolian Steppe. Once paired up with your own horse, you’ll negotiate everything together from sand dunes to rugged mountains. Don’t be fooled, despite the surefooted nature and stamina of your mount, this is no casual stroll!

During your trip, embrace the freedom to roam, exploring the varied terrain and grabbing the chances to gallop free across the steppe. Long days in the saddle will be rewarded with new scenery each day, with nights spent in your yurt or wildcamping under the stars. Trips lengths vary from weekend excursions to cross-country epics depending on your time frame.

Upon your return you’ll bid farewell to your four-legged companion and take the opportunity to relax in the peace and serenity of your lake side camp, before you make the journey back to Ulaanbaatar.


  • Explore the steppe, meadows, rivers, lakes, desert dunes forest and mountains of Mongolia on horseback.
  • Ride for days without coming across a single fence or gate.
  • Make a companion in your Mongolian horse – born and bred in the wild mountains.
  • Meet nomadic Mongolian herdsmen that maintain the local way of life.
  • Camp in Mongolian yurts or under the stars each night.
  • Escape the trappings of tourism.
  • Detox, unwind and switch off from technology.
  • Ease aches and pains in mountain lakes and hot springs.
  • Relax at a lake-side camp site after all that riding.

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