ride Mongolia

June - Sept
17 days
Horse Riding

With some three million animals kept by the country’s remaining pastoral nomads, in Mongolia, its native breed of horses outnumbers the human population. Jump in the saddle and explore Genghis Khan’s ancient empire on an epic horseback adventure through the national parks of the ‘land of the blue sky’.


A largely roadless place, Mongolia is as famed for its fearsome 13th century empire ruler as it is its nomadic culture. Arriving in Ulaanbaatar, you’ll spend the first two days recreating the Great Mongolian Roadtrip in a Russian 4WD vehicle – a relic from the Soviet days- to reach the wilds of the Mongolian Steppe. Once paired up with your own horse, you’ll negotiate everything together from sand dunes to rugged mountains. Don’t be fooled, despite the surefooted nature and stamina of your mount, this is no casual stroll!

During your trip, embrace the freedom to roam, exploring the varied terrain and grabbing the chances to gallop free across the steppe. Long days in the saddle will be rewarded with new scenery each day, with nights spent in your yurt or wildcamping under the stars. Trips lengths vary from weekend excursions to cross-country epics depending on your time frame.

Upon your return you’ll bid farewell to your four-legged companion and take the opportunity to relax in the peace and serenity of your lake side camp, before you make the journey back to Ulaanbaatar.


  • Explore the steppe, meadows, rivers, lakes, desert dunes forest and mountains of Mongolia on horseback.
  • Ride for days without coming across a single fence or gate.
  • Make a companion in your Mongolian horse – born and bred in the wild mountains.
  • Meet nomadic Mongolian herdsmen that maintain the local way of life.
  • Camp in Mongolian yurts or under the stars each night.
  • Escape the trappings of tourism.
  • Detox, unwind and switch off from technology.
  • Ease aches and pains in mountain lakes and hot springs.
  • Relax at a lake-side camp site after all that riding.

The Activity

By climbing onto the back of your Mongolian horse, you gain the advantage of travelling like a local. Horses have been integral to the Mongol way of life throughout history, and were key to the success Genghis Khan empire’s conquests in the 13th century. A hardy breed with exceptional stamina, they are capable of galloping for up to 6 miles without stopping.

Despite their short and stocky characteristics, Mongol horses are not ponies, and you won’t be on a sedate pony ride! These horses are forward-going and fun, with temperaments to suit riders of all confidence levels. Covering up to 30 – 50km each day, you’ll be walking, trotting, cantering and galloping too, if you are confident. The boundless terrain makes walking slow going, but get in touch with the team as their are a variety of options available for riders who desire a slower pace.


Covering over 1.5million square kilometres, Mongolia is defined by its expansive wilderness. Despite its vastness, the whole country is home to only 3million people, about a third of the population of New York City. If there was a place designed to give space to clear your head, escape the crowds and get back to nature, this is it!

In classic Secret Compass-style, you’ll have to choose from two of the country’s least-visited regions ; the Altai Mountains or the Zavkhan. Their remote nature make these areas difficult to travel in, but if you’re happy to journey, live and eat as the nomads do, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking landscapes of the world at its wildest.

Your Guides

Your adventure is in hands of the leading horse-riding guides in Mongolia, working with our Adventure Experts at Secret Compass to provide unrivalled horseback adventures. A team without equal, the partnership between top-rated guides, wranglers, translators, locals and drivers creates a truly professional yet authentic experience.

The exploratory nature of these trips, where strict itineraries are waived with a flexible approach and adventurous spirit, are only possible with local knowledge, expertise and friendly nature of the guides. Rest assured, you won’t be following the same old tourist trail here… mostly because only a handful of people ever make it out to these remote landscapes. The unwavering expertise of the team will give you the support and reassurance to ride far and wide.

Is this Adventure for You?

This adventure has an activity rating of Moderate to Challenging, depending on the length of your horse-riding adventure. To complete a multi-day horseback trail ride in this region and explore the extent of the scenery Mongolia has to offer, we recommend you are a fit and active individual with a consistent fitness routine.

There are flexible options to change the pace and daily itinerary of this adventure to meet your experience levels, and cater for beginners and non-riders on a private trek. For those joining a group trek, this adventure is best suited to those who can ride to a novice level.

As this is a wilderness trekking trip, you’ll be using hiking tents to bed down next to a water source every night. In the Altai, you’ll stay in the traditional Gers, a warm welcome from the cooler nights. All camping kit is provided – all you’ll need is your personal kit and a riding hat, and you’re off!

Adventure by Design

Get in touch to receive the Travel Brief to discover our recommended itinerary, before adapting it to your match your group size, availability and travel preferences. In addition, there are a number of options and extensions available to take your adventure to the next level.

Speak to one of our Adventure Experts today for more information on general departures, and fully customised adventures designed with you in mind.

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