sea kayak Papua New Guinea

12 days
sea kayaking

Trailing some 160 km off the very southeastern tip of Papua New Guinea, the islands of the Louisiades Archipelago are reminiscent of a bygone era. Preserved by their remote geographical location, these atolls are home to money-free Melanesian communities who rely solely on trade and exchange to maintain their simple way of life. A truly immersive ocean experience, this sea kayaking adventure will coax you far beyond the mainland to connect remote volcanic and coral islands. For spirited adventurers with the energy to paddle through days on the water, this journey promises the ultimate rewards of isolated island existence.


With the first stroke of your paddle, this journey will take you beyond the main islands in the Louisiades Archipelago to reach a secluded chain of atolls. Paddling up to 20km a day, you’ll connect and circumnavigate islands, explore their reef fringes, coves, caves and beaches before setting up camp each night to slumber to the sound of the ocean. There will be plenty opportunity to escape your kayak to snorkel and marvel at the coral ecosystems, which teem with fish and large marine life.

Secret Compass is working with an expert guide and local projects to support sustainable and sensitive tourism development in these islands. The friendly Melanesian natives have little connection with the outside world, and rely on a subsistence lifestyle of fishing and farming. With a conscientious approach we hope to cultivate a positive impact, helping to fund small projects assisting with healthcare in the communities.

No large group tours, no disposable plastic, no money; just kayaking, coral reefs and trade exchanges. A true eco adventure, this is your chance to log your own unique marine sea journey.


  • Discover remote islands of the Louisiades Archipelago
  • Complete a challenging sea kayak route
  • Explore the rich biodiversity of volcanic and coral islands
  • Chance encounters with marine and island wildlife
  • Stay with local Melanesian families
  • Support sustainable tourism initiatives
  • Experience the positive impact of plastic-free travel

The Destination

Strung out over 160 km between the Solomon and Coral Seas stretches a chain of ten volcanic islands and 90 coral islands collectively known as the Louisiades Archipelago. Some 200km from the mainland of Papua New Guinea, it is remote, and requires an internal flight and a three hour boat ride to reach the starting point of this sea kayaking adventure. This long travel schedule is ultimately rewarded by the secluded nature and peaceful pace of island life.

The Guides

This adventure has been hand-selected by the Adventure Experts in our Secret Compass operations team for its exceptional guides, far-flung location and unspoiled natural beauty. Our guide James has spent 25 years with a paddle in hand, leading expeditions to the freezing reaches of

Antarctica and the Arctic Circle only to return to thaw out in the warm waters of Fiji and Papua New Guinea. A nature lover, not only does he takes pride in sharing the wonder of this region, he acts as steward for responsible tourism and preservation of the islands.

The Activity

Sea kayaking provides an immersive experience with low impact on the surrounding environment. Hard shell kayaks are not available in this region, so for this adventure your craft will be a state-of-the-art folding sea kayak, which is not only easily transportable, but tough and easy to paddle too. Visible beneath the glimmering azure waters, you’ll glide over corals and marine life and reach inaccessible reefs, coves and white sand beaches.

Is this Adventure for You?

This adventure has an activity rating of Medium, suitable for active individuals who champion the spirit of adventure. It is adaptable to meet Beginner – Expert experience levels dependant on ability, from a first-class introduction to the joys of sea kayaking, right up to an expeditionary-style epic for those who are prepared to put in the hours with the paddle to make the most of your time at sea!

Accommodation is tented on the islands, and you’re encouraged to embrace the benefits and limitations of back-to-basics, Robinson Crusoe-style existence. It is worth taking into consideration that, we are at the mercy of the weather and the conditions on a daily basis. You must be flexible and dynamic; willing to pitch in and assist with the duties of setting up camp and the kayaks and be prepared to take the changeable factors of weather, unforeseen delays and other issues into account. Rest assured though that your guides are out there to give you the best experience possible.

Adventure by Design

All our adventures have been hand-selected by our experts, and are designed to offer the ultimate immersive travel experience. Guided by a commitment to authentic adventure, they will take you below the surface, beyond the tourist tick-list and up into the wonders of the world – at your own pace. Lead by our trusted local guides, they are fully flexible to meet your requirements; whether you’re travelling solo, as a couple, a family or a group.

Get in touch to receive the Travel Brief to discover our recommended itinerary, before adapting it to your match your group size, availability and travel preferences. In addition, there are a number of options and extensions available to take your adventure to the next level.

Speak to one of our Adventure Experts today for more information on general departures, and fully customised adventures designed with you in mind.


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