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Written by Ally Photography by Expedition Team Mates & Al Humphreys

An Audience with Adventure returns for a second time to London, where we’ll be inviting some of the most accomplished adventurers to pull up a chair and discuss the very nature of human-powered journeys. With fresh screenings straight out of Kendal Mountain Film Festival 2017, the event promises to bring the peak of outdoor film perfection and a deluge of endless expedition inspiration to London this November.

The evening will be hosted by Microadventure pioneer Al Humphreys, who will be leading the conversation in between films to discuss incredible feats of human endurance with our yet to be announced panel of intrepid individuals. With Kendal’s award-winning films titles still to be selected, the event will be the first to screen a hand-picked selection of the adventure community’s finest cinematography – capturing the physical journeys of their leading protagonists as modern day adventurers. 

The Audience with Adventure Panel

al humphreys
al humphreys adventure

Al Humphreys

Adventurer, author and motivational speaker Al was named National Geographic Adventurer of the Year for his pioneering work on the concept of microadventures – encouringing people to get outside, out of their comfort zone and benefit from the fresh air and freedom to roam. He is an animated advocate for human-powered journeys, with ‘macro’ expedition achievements to complement his ‘micro’ ones, including cycling around the world, rowing the Atlantic, walking across India and crossing Iceland by foot and packraft.

From book to blog, Al’s knack for storytelling has opened up the world of adventure to the masses, and he’ll be leading the discussion with the panel to consider the very nature of self-supported adventure.

martin hewitt
adaptive grand slam

Martin Hewitt

After serving 8 years as a Commissioned Officer with the Parachute Regiment, Martin’s military career came to an end when injuries sustained leading his men into combat in Afghanistan paralysed his right arm. He the founder of Adaptive Grand Slam, a not-for-profit organisation that selects and trains disabled individuals to take on extreme physical challenges, pioneering record attempts and world-firsts to confront the very definition of disability, raising awareness of ex-service men and women and disabled communities.

The AGS challenge is a unique adaptation of the pinnacle of the adventure achievements – the Explorers Grand Slam. A challenge to climb the Seven Summits and reach the North and South poles, only a handful of people have ever completed this feat of human willpower and strength. To date, Martin had lead teams to summit Mt Denali, Mt Elbrus, Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Aconcagua and successfully reach The Geographic North Pole. The challenge has received overwhelming support from the public, the media and HRH Prince Harry, who joined the team in the televised series ‘Harry’s Arctic Heroes’ and ‘Harry’s Mountain Heroes’.

laura penhaul
coxless crew

Laura Penhaul 

Laura Penhaul was the Team Leader of the Coxless Crew who set 2 World Records in January 2016. They rowed unsupported across the Pacific. 9,000nm, taking 4 years of preparation and 9 months to complete.

Laura has supported athletes through Vancouver, London and Rio Paralympic Games and previously was Lead Physiotherapist for the Paralympic Programme of British Athletics. She is now the Founder of Adaptive Performance, where she recently provided Performance Management support to Mark Beaumont who circumnavigated the World in less than 80 Days by bike. Laura is also an affiliate of World Extreme Medicine through which she teaches how to prepare for expeditions and deliver therapy care in remote and extreme environments.

dave in sinai
dave lucas

Dave Lucas 

Dave’s unquenchable appetite for adventure speaks for itself. At 40 years young, he has spent a total of 70 months on expeditions in over 80 countries. His pursuits were recognised early on by the Royal Geographic Society, where he has been a fellow since his mid-twenties, and his adventures have been aired on the National Geographic Channel and Sky TV, printed in four books and published in nine magazines.

An avid climber and successful endurance runner, Dave has spent time researching climbs in the South Sinai desert and Halong Bay in Vietnam with the intent of publishing his own climbing guidebooks. He was a top 10 finisher in the 2008 Egyptian Pharaonic 100km run, and a top 100 finisher of the Marathon de Sables in 2009, before completing the 104 mile Ultra Tour du Mont Blanc in 2013.

Embracing the theme of human-powered journeys, the panel will be recounting tales of grit, pain and strength, talking about their upcoming adventures, and answering all those pressing questions about adventures big and small, big budget and free.

Book Your Tickets:

  • Tickets cost £20.00 (inc. booking fee)
  • Venue: UCL’s Kennedy Lecture Theatre, 30 Guilford Street, London, WC1N 1EH.
  • Thursday, 30th November 2017
  • Doors at 6.30pm. Films will start at 7pm.
  • Cash bar.

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