Thank you for your successful application. To confirm your place on the team, please fill out this booking form and send a deposit (or full balance if within 60 days of departure) by any of the payment methods listed below. Expedition deposits are £400 and UK Weekend deposits are £125. Please ensure you fill in all fields, put N/A if not relevant, and that you receive a confirmation message once submitted.

We look forward to having you on the team!

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Please be aware you will also need to:

  • Organise all visas unless otherwise stated (more information will be provided upon booking).
  • Ensure you are fully vaccinated and carry evidence of vaccination and organise Malaria prophylactics if necessary.
  • Organise appropriate insurance and inform Secret Compass of the company used.
  • Organise international flights to and from the start and finish point and provide Secret Compass with the details.
  • Bring suitable personal kit and equipment.

Helpful details for the above will be provided in the joining instructions.

Consumer Aware

Your booking is insured by IPP Ltd and its Panel of Insurers. This insurance is only valid for passengers who book and pay directly with/to Secret Compass. For further information see

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