Panama Image for Darien Gap video expedition teammate in Darien Gap


make (minor) jungle history

Written by Jocelyn Broad Photography by Rick Morales and expedition teammates

What is the Darien Gap?

Panama’s Darien Gap has drawn explorers from all corners of the globe seeking adventure, nature and history. A mysterious, remote region on the border of Panama and Colombia, the Darien Gap has notoriously been recognised as a ‘no-go zone’, feared for its dense foliage, swampy waters and inhabitants of various natures. With its spring expedition team now inviting applications from ambitious adventure travellers – this jungle journey is not for the faint-hearted – Secret compass invites you to explore the Darien Gap alongside one of the country’s leading naturalists, Rick Morales.

‘Walking the Americas’ with Levison Wood

TV explorer Levison Wood’s series ‘Walking the America’ charts his epic walk from Mexico and down through Central America, culminating with his crossing of the Darien Gap. Catch up with Lev and Walking the Americas on Lev’s website, then come back to cross ‘the Gap’ yourself with Secret Compass.

Jungle expedition kit advice

Have you got the right jungle kit for your adventure? Watch the Secret Compass Jungle Kit Advice Video for advice on jungle boots and shirts, dry bags, rucksacks and sleeping systems. Just don’t expect to get any drier than ‘jungle dry’!


Mud covered boots being the common sight in the Darien Jungle
Wild tree frog in the Darien Jungle

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