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Achieve the extraordinary

At Secret Compass we strive to redefine what is possible by creating pioneering projects in the world’s wildest places. We have built a team of trusted experts who combine their passion for exploration with industry leading professionalism. Our projects reignite your primal need for adventure, providing the catalyst for you to come alive and achieve the extraordinary.
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Team expeditions

Our Team Expeditions are focused around working together as a team to achieve an ambitious aim. We remove you from the noise of everyday life, strip back to the essentials and put life into perspective through adventure. Taking a fresh look at adventure, we focus our team expeditions around four different approaches to adventure:

Epic Expeditions

We made our name with what we call our Epic Expeditions. These expeditions are ambitious, bold, have pioneering aims and happen in remote regions of the world. These adventures are unique, challenging and ultimately highly rewarding.

Adventure Academy

At the Secret Compass Adventure Academy, the focus shifts to learning in an incredible setting: the world’s wildest places. Our industry leading instructors enable you to develop new skills and to expand your knowledge while on a real expedition.

Cultural Immersion

Our Cultural Immersion expeditions allow teams to travel among and with other cultures. These provide an unstaged setting, allowing teammates to see the world through another perspective while undertaking a journey.

Classics Redefined

Secret Compass’s Classics Redefined are expeditions that provide a new take on adventure staples. We develop new ideas to enable a 21st-century approach to classic objectives, backed up by the professional Secret Compass team.

Custom expeditions

Secret Compass has the capabilities to create, design and deliver imaginative and bold adventures anywhere on the planet. On our dedicated Custom page, we have curated a selection of ideas as starting points for your imagination, filterable by region or type or terrain type. We have plenty more up our sleeves to get your adventure juices flowing so, if you can’t see what you want there, get in touch to go 100% bespoke instead.

TV and Film

We also provide security and risk management, safety, location management and medical consultancy to the Film and TV industry. We have delivered creative solutions to channels including Discovery, BBC, CH4 and Nat Geo. Visit the dedicated Secret Compass TV site for more information and to see our recent credits.

Brand Projects

Secret Compass also delivers ground-breaking projects for brands in the world’s wildest places. We have worked with iconic brands including Sony, Mitsubishi, Jaegermeister, Nespresso, Xbox and Giro to create epic branded content that has reached millions online and in print. Visit Secret Compass Brand Projects online for more.

Contact us

If you’d like more information about our ethos and approach or would just like to get to know us in advance of joining a team or commissioning a project, contact Secret Compass today. We look forward to speaking with you.

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