DRC, Nyiragongo Volcanic Crater


Here are many of the burning questions potential teammates ask. Each individual expedition also has its own Exped FAQ tab, to provide team-specific answers Contact us if your question remains unanswered or to request the Handbook for the team you’re keen to join.

How can I join an expedition team?

You choose your ultimate expedition and then complete the no-obligation online Application Form. We’ll go over your application, sending you a link to the Expedition Handbook meanwhile. Once approved, we’ll send you the Booking Form link and you’ll secure your team place with a £400 deposit. The balance is then due 90 days prior to travel.

How can I prepare for my expedition?

Visit the Get Ready section for guidance and further advice on everything from training to kit to visas.

What kit will I need?

Read our Kit page in the Get Ready section. The comprehensive Expedition Handbook that each teammate receives upon booking will also contain a kit list, detailing what is compulsory and what is a ‘nice to have’.

Will I need travel insurance?

Yes. This is an important – and absolutely compulsory – element of your pre-trip planning. Read our expedition Travel Insurance advice in the Get Ready section. If you have questions concerning your particular expedition that aren’t answered in the Handbook, we’d love to help give you peace of mind. Contact us at any time.

Is there an upper age limit?

No. In our teammates we simply look to see that people are fit and healthy enough to join the team, and that they don’t have any health or other conditions that might pose a risk to themselves or to the team once in country, as many of our expeditions are very remote and might be a few days away from formal medical care. It’s about fitness and suitability for a given team rather than age. Our Application Form gives us this type of information.

Is there a lower age limit?

Yes, it’s 21.

Do you recruit expedition medics?

Secret Compass no longer recruits expedition medics.



What’s your ethos?

Secret Compass redefines what is possible by creating pioneering projects in the world’s wildest places. Secret Compass is built around a team of trusted experts who combine a passion for exploration with industry-leading professionalism. Secret Compass reignites your primal need for adventure, providing the catalyst for you to come alive and achieve the extraordinary. Read our Ethos to get a feel for who we are and how we run our expeditions, to decide if joining a team is the right decision for you.

Is this a holiday?

While you may well use your annual leave to join a Secret Compass team, they are expeditions, not tours. We have rough, outline itineraries and stated team aims and goals. We generally do not have a day by day, blow by blow itinerary of what will happen on a given expedition because we don’t necessarily know what will happen and that’s the beauty of expeditionary travel.

How do you manage risk?

Read about our rigorous, military-grade risk management approach in the Risk section of Get Ready.

Can you plan me a custom trip?

Absolutely. Secret Compass’s Custom Consultancy loves getting its teeth into ambitious adventures for individuals, small groups or corporate organisations. Get in touch to get the ball rolling.

Can you give advice for my private expedition?

We’d love to help you plan your next expedition professionally, and our Custom Consultancy has been set up to do just this. Depending on your budget and time frame, we can help with anything from a stand-alone pre-departure risk or medical assessment to full planning, logistics, staffing and back-up on the ground. Contact us today to discuss your expedition aspirations. We are a small and very busy team so although we’d love to, are not able to provide expedition advice for ventures in which we are not involved.

Who’s a typical Secret Compass teammate?

View our Testimonials page to get an idea of our team members and what they get out of our expeditions. The following short film, Team Members Talk, is also a great insight into life on expedition and the teammates on it.

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