Team with Tom McShane image from North Korea


How was it for you?

Welcome home from your expedition, team. Hope you’re settling back in to real life well! We’d love to hear your feedback on this expedition (the good, the bad and the ugly) to understand what we’re doing right and where we can improve. If you’d prefer a conversation instead or as well as the below, let us know and we’ll organise that ASAP. If you have words or imagery to share, find further details below. OK, over to you.


Team photography

The Secret Compass communications team will now set up a shared image folder to help you all see and share your team imagery. It would be great to see your imagery there; your selected highlights would be ideal as if everyone uploads their entire memory card our computers will all fall over! Please note that any images shared may be used (c) Secret Compass to help promote this expedition or Secret Compass in general in the future. If you are happy for us to share your images but prefer your own (c) accreditation, kindly email the communications team separately to organise this.

Writing for The Compass

The Secret Compass journal (blog), The Compass, is a story-hungry beast and we’d love to feature your tales, expedition reports, images and ‘top tips’ for future teammates on it. If there’s something you’re keen to write or share, just get in touch and we’ll get that ball rolling.

Where next?

Just one question remains, really. Where next?! Many thanks for submitting your feedback and we’ll look forward to having you achieve the extraordinary on another Secret Compass expedition soon.

The Journal

Adventure Inspiration

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See you on a team soon…